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Save Energy with Green Technologies

Save energy and protect the environment with green technologies. Terry Baker Electrical Contractors Ltd in Ashford, Kent, offers eco-friendly lighting, air conditioning, and electrical systems.

Energy Saver

The Energy Saver is an intelligent central heating boiler management control system, which is compatible with most domestic boilers. It can save you up to 63% on your heating bills.

Optivolt is a voltage optimisation technology that controls the incoming supply of power to your property. It can save you up to 20% on your energy bills.

LED Lighting
LED lights can make a huge difference to your electric bill. Modern LED bills provide a pleasant source of light while saving you money.

Solar Panels
Offset the cost of installing solar panels by taking advantage of feed-in tariffs. You'll have free daytime electricity, and you'll be doing your part for the planet.

Cool Stream
Air conditioners are very expensive to run in hot weather. Cool stream saves you up to 30% on air conditioning costs.

Contact us to save money on your power bill with eco-friendly technologies for the home.