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Efficient Heat Recovery or MVHR Systems

Save money with heat recovery or MVHR systems. Terry Baker Electrical Contractors Ltd in Ashford, Kent, installs these useful devices in any home or business. We are Vent-Axia™-approved installers.

What Is a Heat Recovery Ventilation System?

A heat recovery ventilation system (or MVHR) provides a continuous supply of fresh air drawn into the property via a very low-energy ventilation unit, positioned in the roof space or the utility area of the building. The ventilation unit filters the incoming air and removes any pollutants and insects. By using the extracted air from the wet room (e.g. bathrooms, kitchens, WCs, or utility areas), the warm stale air is continuously drawn out and filtered back through to the ventilation unit where the heat from this air is exchanged with the fresh incoming air.

As the clean fresh air is heated by the exhausted damp stale air, up to 97% of the heat can be recovered, which will offset heating costs and reduce heating bills. A standard extractor fan vents warm air into the atmosphere and wastes all that heat. With an MVHR system, your property will be more energy efficient. It may even gain a higher energy efficiency rating and comply with current building regulations.

How Is It Installed?
An MVHR system should be designed for each specific property and can only be installed by a BPEC-approved installer. It uses a series of insulated pipes, ducted around the building.

Some of the insulated pipes take the stale damp air out, and some bring the clean, heated, fresh air into the living areas. All air flows from and returns to the heat recovery ventilation unit, which should be suitably positioned within the property. By using discreet ceiling outlets with adjustable flow restrictors, the system maintains a perfect ambient temperature for the environment.

Benefits of MVHR:

• Reduces Symptoms for Asthma & Allergy Sufferers
• Improves Indoor Air Quality Throughout Property
• Contributes to the Energy Efficiency of the Home
• Enhances Heat Distribution
• Reduces or Eliminates Surface Condensation
• Eliminates Mould & Mildew
• Stops Streaming Windows
• Removes Musty Odours
• Aids Radon Dispersion

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