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Cost-Effective Underfloor Heating Systems

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Experience the warmth of a cost-effective underfloor heating system. Terry Baker Electrical Contractors Ltd in Ashford, Kent, offers complete design, installation, and maintenance.

Getting Cold Feet?

Imagine stepping out of the shower onto a deliciously warm floor. Underfloor heating is a great addition to any room of your house and is especially popular in the kitchen or bathroom. These stand-alone heating systems can be controlled by a wide range of programmable thermostats and work in conjunction with other heating systems for truly luxurious warmth.

Heating Cables
Heating cables underneath your floors are a very economical way to heat your home. Cables are available in rolls or mats; rolls are ideal for awkwardly shaped floors. We are always happy to advise you on the best system for your needs.

Contact us to enjoy a warm floor all year round.